Skyline’s Eagle Fest a soaring success

On September 21 at 4:30 p.m., activity erupted on Skyline’s east lawn as students participated in Skyline’s traditional Eagle Fest event.

Many representatives from clubs such as, Key club, DECA, Operation Smile, MESA, etc., gathered in hopes of recruiting more members by spreading publicity. “We did pretty good because of how popular our club is,” said junior Shravan Parthasarathy, MESA club’s secretary. “It feels good to talk to other people about the club and to them as an individual.”

Students of various grades were also on the lookout for a club that would suit their interest. In some cases, this event was the first time they had attended. First timer sophomore Joe Lee admits, “It was pretty fun. I got to know some new clubs. The best part was gathering with friends and finding new clubs.”

Eagle Fest wasn’t something that was drawn up out of the blue and thrown together at the last second. The current SBO’s (student body officers) began organizing this event back when they were first elected in the 2011-12 school year.

The SBO’s worked throughout the summer to organize Eagle Fest. For example, they contacted the school faculty members to find out about clubs that come back each year. Once the school year began, they had a plan that was ready to go. Vice President Sam Peterson says, “We contacted businesses for sponsorships and collaborated with club presidents to get them on the ball.”

The turnout for the event proved to be a success. Senior Ezra Gonzalez compares last year’s Eagle Fest with this year’s, “There were more clubs and students this year. They set the bar pretty high.” The current SBO’s went through last year’s SBO layout plan for Eagle Fest and built off that. “We wanted a higher turnout, so we focused more on publicity to get more people involved,” Peterson said. “It was a good turnout.” In regards to the success, SBO President Abraham Moffat claims, “It’s all about Sam. He did it all.”


Davie Yang


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