My Quest to College

College Frustrations

The rain outside pelts my window as I sit here staring at computer screen, pondering the idea of clicking on the shortcut of “Common Apps” that I saved months ago. But to no avail. I have niftily put off doing my college applications yet again. It wasn’t like had no interest in going to colleges though. The sensation I have currently is simply indescribable.

Reminiscing back to when I was in junior high, I’ve always heard the names of premier colleges being thrown around such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc. My friends would always crack jokes about me getting into one of those because of my academic prowess, yet I never gave them much thought since I never did understand the submission process with all the applications, essays, teacher recommendation letters, and so on. I simply held onto the naive thought that if I could continue to hold a 3.9 grade point average(GPA), I would be able to make it into any school I wanted.

The rain now drums loudly against my window, almost like it was prodding me to complete my college applications. It was as if I could hear my mother nagging me to get them done. With a heavy sigh, I urge myself to hover my mouse over the shortcut and click it. The log-in screen appears, demanding my log-in information. Halfheartedly, I go through the routine process and wait for the next step to load, my motivation diminishing like a candle.

Now that I’m a senior, reality has slapped me in the face quite a handful of times. Getting into college is not the simplistic procedure I visualized in my head in the past. Rather, it’s much like the tiring process of dragging a sled up a steep hill. The arduous task of finding colleges that are appealing is merely the first step. Then when extracurricular activities, personal essays, standardized testing, and such get factored in, I get the sudden urge to forget about everything and lounge on a floatation tube while drifting on the current of “Lazy River.”

This storm, will it ever let up? As I scroll down the webpage, my heart starts to sink. I could no longer contain the level of boredom that was threatening to explode within me. But then, I recall yet another obstacle to this already bumpy road. Even after I go through the hard work of submissions to colleges that intrigue me, they could very well shoot me down like a ten ton weight. The thunder roars angrily, mirroring my very feelings.

Tuition and scholarships, money is yet another tormenting problem that I have to deal with. I scour the lists of some colleges to explore their scholarships. This is a rather amusing experience though. A grand for being tall?  Tall?! That’s just screaming biased against those that have inherited the genetics of being as stubby as a dwarf. After looking over a few more ridiculous scholarships, I come to the conclusion that I’ll probably have to settle for the ones that are “normal.”

The storm seems to be clearing now. My bad mood has been dispelled and I seem to have regained some motivation now. But wait, I have an appointment now? Well, I guess I’ll do my college applications tomorrow then. Maybe.


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