Inky Old People? Yes, Please!

It seems that your whole life has been building up to this day. “Because I’m the grown up!” is no longer a valid retort from your parents. “You’re just a kid!” is no longer an excuse for your older brother to hog the good Xbox controller. Now you’re eighteen, and everything will change.

Oops. I lied.

Eighteen marks an official passing from child to adult and is a birthday landmark rivaled to teenagers only by the sweet sixteen. Yet what does this birthday truly bring? You can vote, it’s true, which is a privilege all its own. But if, like me, you will not reach this hallmark age by November 6, what is there to celebrate? You can go to jail. You can visits websites without parental permission as suggested on TV. The list is endless! ends there.

Many choose to commemorate their passage into adulthood with permanent skin art. Tattoos. Once considered a taboo form of self expression, tattoos are cropping up everywhere, including Utah’s high schools. From the simply cool piece of artwork to the meaningful commemorations of loved ones to pieces that leave you wondering “dude…why?”, tattoos are becoming increasingly popular.

I will admit, teenagers are the poster children for bad decisions, and I’m willing to bet that more than a few of the tattoos you see in the hallways will be removed before the decade is out. But I respect those who endure the pain for more than a badge of honor. Tattoos commemorating lost parents and close family members bring their bearers peace and pride, rather than shame and a large bill from the laser tattoo removal parlor.

“You’ll regret that when you’re a grandma!” claim some old squares. But our generation will be a weird, inked up, rap listening, jean wearing bunch of old folks anyway. So choose wisely, assert your independence from those jerks that pay your bills and rock your tat with pride!

Unless you got those dolphins high-fiving on your lower back, in which case, please, please don’t.


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