Halloween Spirit in Skyline

Halloween spirit was more than evident on the afternoon of October 30 as cars filled the whole south circle entrance of Skyline for the lively, reoccurring event of Trunk-or-Treat. At 4:30 p.m., children accompanied by their parents traveled from car to car in hopes of filling their candy bags to the brim. However, Trunk-or-Treat was not the only event that day. Skyline’s traditional event of Eagles After Dark was the highlight of the evening at 6:30 p.m. Students in various costumes poured into the school as the student government and the faculty added some finishing touches to that festive night.

Prior to Eagles After Dark, students, some in costumes, started decorating and preparing their cars for Trunk-or-Treat as soon as 3:30 p.m. Under the watchful eyes of Erik Hanley and Kimiya Nourian, co-presidents of Operational Smile and organizers of this event, preparations were essentially complete by 4:00 p.m. The students, a large portion from NHS(National Honors Society), welcomed the children that began flowing into the south circle, each one eager to fill their candy bags to the top. President of NHS, Vincent Fu who dressed up as a cat while manning a One Direction car shares, “It’s so great to see so many NHS members and other Skyline students dress up and decorate their cars to contribute to a fun activity for the kids, all while supporting Operation Smile.” Costumes and decorations for the event ranged from zombies to pirates to Santa Claus to even humongous waffles.

Trunk-or-Treat resulted as a huge success, with turnouts well above the amounts of previous years. “This Trunk-or-Treat was the biggest one we have ever had! Last year, about three-quarters of the south circle was full. This year we were overflowing with cars and participants! There were even a few more little kids this year,” remarked Hanley. He and Kimiya along with other Operational Smile officers followed a methodical procedure to get this event set up. Hanley inputs, “We kept the same basic plan from last year’s Trunk-or-Treat. It was actually quite simple since it’s Skyline tradition! All we had to do was coordinate with the SBOs so that it would fall on the same day as Eagles after Dark and send out flyers to all the students at Skyline.” As the event concluded, many elated children left with huge smiles plastered on their faces. In addition, many of the volunteering students left with satisfied grins. Melissa Rodriguez, one of the volunteers, says, “I enjoyed dressing up and being able to look at other people’s costumes and how they decorated their cars.”

Trunk-or-Treat was not all there was to that day though. Skyline’s main event in the evening kicked off in a mere half hour after it ended at 6:30 p.m. Activities and enjoyments for the evening were well varied; there were options such as: Mafia, free food, video games, Quidditch, and even a spook ally. “My attempt at representing the living dead was rewarded with authentic cries of fear from unsuspecting teenagers as well as a sore throat from two hours of constant moaning and glottal zombie noises,” relays Jeddy Hwang about his experience of being zombie in the spook ally.

Similar to Trunk or Treat, Eagles After Dark sent many students home satisfied. Fu comments, “In the midst of end-of-term tests and college application deadlines, it was way nice to have an evening of food, drinks, and games with fellow Eagles and forget about the pressures of being a high school senior for a few hours.” The success of this event can be attributed to the student government and members of the school faculty. “From the events of the last two years, we looked at what we could improve. We saw what we wanted in an event list and broke into communities, which were each given a list with goals to reach,” shares SBO president Abraham Moffat. The student turnout was lower this year though since there was still school the next day, unlike the previous years. Despite that, the event was still a great success as it received a lot of positive feedback, in particular about the spook ally and food. Moffat claims the success of the event was because “the officers accomplished their tasks and went above and beyond.”


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