Those Darned Teenagers….

I set out, naively perhaps, to capture the political views of students at Skyline High School. With my tiny pad of paper and voice recorder I sought to give voice to those unable to vote, those who have no outlet for their opinions, and those who feel ignored. I was shocked by what I heard.

Silence. Apparently, movies have led me astray. Apparently, not all teenagers have the burning desire to express their novel opinions and misunderstood attitude. Apparently, they don’t really care.

While most of my classmates were disappointed to be unable to vote, the vast majority of my eager questions were met with blank stares. Seniors have to take a course in government to graduate high school, but while it elaborates on the operation of government, it doesn’t cover the platforms of each candidate or address the views of minor parties.

Students are left to research in the vast ocean of information that exists online or blindly adopt the same opinion as their parents. More often, though, this simply leads to, as I found, a lack of an opinion. America thrives on the mixing of ideas, and without the voice of the young, the country is dominated by old people who don’t always understand what kids need.

Skyline senior, Camila Elias, admits that she doesn’t know much about the presidential candidates, but supposes that she would be “more attentive [if she could] vote.” Being informed is not all about voting, however. It is possible to be influential just by letting your voice be heard.


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