Poem: Fear


We have all felt


Who hasn’t known it?


Lashing out what else is there to do?


With you gone I would feel all of this

My fear of loosing you just to real

The pain would kill me

The anger would harm me or others

I would be forever gone


What else is there to say?

I am gone

Was I ever here?

Was I ever truly a live?

Were you ever mine?

Questions feel my head but they all go unanswered

Execpt for one

What am I scared of?

A lot

I am scared of being alone

Scared of being hurt

Scared of being the one to hurt

Scared of failing

Scared of pain

Scared that putting part of my heart

Out there will be a mistake

Scared that my voice will


Be heard

Even though I am screaming it

Will you listen?


By Alexis Isle


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