Elicit Love


There it is.  The “L-Bomb” as some people fearfully refer to it.  I agree – love is a strong word, but the title “Elicit Like” sounded too much like a guide to Facebook fame.  So what do I mean by “Elicit Love”?  We’re all highly insecure at times, but take a moment to think about everybody who loves you.  What is it about you that elicits their love?

My primary focus is not to get you more gifts this holiday season, if that’s what you were hoping.  That may be a pleasant side effect of having the awesomeness required to elicit love, but something greater is at stake: the propagation of that awesomeness.  Being loved is a necessary part of being awesome, and love is something we all definitely need more of.  I encourage you to think of new ways to build strong relationships for 2013.

The most effective way to elicit others’ love is to show admiration and appreciation for those important in your life.  Giving praises worthy of blushes is no easy feat, but as Ralph Waldo Emerson famously quipped, “In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him.”  The hardest thing about showing someone some appreciation is finding something genuinely worth praising.  Yes, I know that sounds bad, but it really takes some effort so you don’t come off as a sycophant who is slyly trying to elicit something other than love from the other person.  Like a young boy who one day praises his mother’s dress when he had never noticed any of her fashion choices in the past, a sudden praise to someone you haven’t previously paid much attention to can come off awkwardly.  Thus, I urge you to start praising others more consistently in order to encourage friendlier and more agreeable relationships with other people, whether they are family members, coworkers, or even a person sitting by you on a bus.

Perhaps you are looking to brighten a person’s day beyond complementing them.  Volunteerism is a great way to better the lives of many.  You might consider starting at a site like https://volunteer.truist.com/utah/volunteer/ to begin your search for a volunteer opportunity close to where you live.  I have found my volunteer work an excellent way of building on the qualities that elicit love.  As a result, I am a better conversationalist, more polite, and more likely to appreciate the good qualities of a person than before I began volunteer work.

Hopefully we may all elicit more love as we progress through life.  We can be kinder to the people we see every day and can even make people we haven’t met happier through acts like volunteerism.  These are only two ways to elicit others’ love, and as we reflect on 2012, think of how you can fill 2013 with more love than in years past.


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