Showcase of the Eagles


After a schedule of condensed classes, the school day of Friday, January 4 concluded with the Skyline Drumline marching through the hallways, signifying the start of Skyline’s Talent Show. This assembly showcased various Skyline students, ranging from musicians to dancers to even magicians.

“We had a lot of great talent this year,” remarks Skyline’s Senior Class Vice President KJ Kida, who was also the organizer of this event. “Everyone worked really hard and put a lot of hours in.” The hard work was evident right from the beginning – which consisted of the rock band Insight with the members Devin Wolfe, Kanyon Macey, and Bradshaw Sisneros – to the very end, which displayed a duet by Maddi Christiansen and Jack Harmon. Senior Ezra Gonzalez says, “There was a lot of singing, but [the talent show] was good.”

Albeit the many musicians and vocalists in this year’s talent show, there were also a few dancers and even a magician. One of the talents that made a big splash midway in this assembly was a group dance by Celina Wang, Rachel Huynh, Athena Ho, Jenni Tian, Caroline Daley, Sasha Sehgal, Kevin Nhan, and Vincent Fu to a mash-up of several K-Pop(Korean Pop) songs, which ended with the renowned “Gangnam Style.” Fu, who played PSY in the “Gangnam Style” portion relays, “The girls in the group have done dances for the past two years. So this year, we said, ‘Well, why not we just create a whole mash-up of K-Pop songs?’ We mashed up five songs and took the dances to those songs. Then we got some guys and girls and made it work.”

One other particular talent that didn’t have anything to do with music was the magic show by Dylan Vessel. At the start of his act, he selected one person, Michael Greene, from the audience in order to demonstrate his tricks. Vessel masterfully displayed not just one, but multiple successful tricks.

Another talent, which required the unique prop of a teeter-totter, was a dance by twins Jacy and Brynnly Butcher. This act caught the attention of some of the judges in the auditions for the talent show. Donna Young, the Student Government advisor, comments, “My favorite one was the teeter-totter one.”

This whole talent show couldn’t have occurred if wasn’t for all the hard work put in by Student Government, particularly the organizer, Kida. She and Student Government held many rehearsals after school and had to plan details that helped the assembly flow well, especially with transitions. “We have a fantastic publicity board. Moris Sarkisyan and Bailey Jiang made posters. They did a really good job,” shares Kida. “Stage crew and Student Government, they put in a lot of hours here helping us. They were more than willing to work with a good attitude and were very diverse with their skills.”


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