Olympus High Basketball Alumni Reunion



“There is nothing like Olympus High School.  Its special, fun, full of good memories, traditions, and history,” Matthew Barnes, Olympus High basketball coach and 1986 alumni describes.  “It’s a community school and it will be sad for a lot of people when it comes down.”

This past Friday, February 1, Coach Barnes hosted a basketball reunion for all alumni basketball players in the Olympus High School cafeteria.  Players loved the opportunity to reminisce on the legends they created at Olympus.  Teammates from 1957, Wayne Jenson and Dale Grant, recalled memories of their coach, Kenneth Farrell, and being the first team from Olympus to earn their way to state.  They also mentioned their grandchildren who now attend and play basketball for Olympus.  Cynthia Haller, a mother of a starter on the current basketball team, described her mother’s, Sandra (Sandy) Merrill Covey, memories of being a cheerleader from the first graduating class from Olympus High School.  Sandy is really proud of her grandson, Connor Haller, a starter on the Olympus mens basketball team.

Later, during halftime of the Olympus vs. Hillcrest game, all of the alumni were presented to the spectators.  It was amazing to see a physical representation of the decades of history at Olympus.

Coach Barnes plans to hold an open house in March or April in the old school for players to shoot baskets one last time in the old gym before the building is demolished.  He also wants to hold an open house in the new gym.  “I really want to reach people and let them know about this, especially with the social media we have available.  I’m curious to see who shows up and I want to start and carry out this tradition [of alumni reunions].”  For more information, contact Coach Matthew Barnes at 801-455-1812.




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