Poems: Gray Ribbons

By Alexis Isle


Gray ribbon hung on trees
Gray ribbon
Wonder what that means?
Means not to worry or shout.
Because you are happy
so don’t say good bye
Because with every tear
With every fear,
Comes a memory of you floating by
Your smiling brighting up the heavens above
For the man we all knew
Was always
Holding on until he heard god’s song
Hard or cold
Always compassionate
And always hoped
To see the dreams of his family come true
Well don’t worry we will do that for you
We know that no matter what
You will always be there smiling above
Watching us learn
Watching us earn it
Watching us walk down the path
Leading us through
Holding us up when we fall
Even if it means to crawl
Gray ribbon
Fly so high
Gray ribbon
A glistening gray
Don’t worry we will see you again some day

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