Poems: Not alone



By Alexis Isle



I am alone

The punch’s I can take

The hitting

Give me more

The words

That’s what hurts


Always alone

Blood dripping

Cutting deep

Not as deep as the words

Never being accepted







So many words cut through my skin


Deeper than the metal against my wrist

Deeper than the pain the moves through me

Pushing me to the noose of societies grip

The noose of hatred

I am unwanted

Blood drips onto my wrist

From the tears or just a deeply wounded vain?

I was already dead

I was here

I was never heard

Screaming out the names of the people who had damned my life

The people who have pushed me to this limit

A light shines

Voices yell


A room of white

A room of solitude

I lived

I have hurt

I was heard

They heard my screams

They responded to my pain

They saved me

They brought me back

They told me I wasn’t alone

Not alone? What a concept


Listening to the stories

Listening to the pain

Crying out for the other you have felt my pain


All is quite

Walking to the stage

Standing alone

Light burning my eyes

Open my mouth

“I am not alone”

More on stage

“We are not alone”

Together we stand against the pain and unlawfulness

Stand together we will stand until there is nothing left to do but fall to our knees in triumph

“We were heard”

Tears run down my face

I am not alone

I was never alone



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