Why bother with these classes?

By Davie Yang


I may not graduate this year. Well, that might be a bit extreme to say right now. More accurately put, I’m not on track to graduate at the moment and I’m in my final semester as a senior. Now why is that? I have a passing GPA and CPA, I’ve been to school and attended classes essentially every time (besides being sick or a school-excused event), and I’ve earned more than enough credits that are required to graduate by now. It really isn’t a complicated reason; I haven’t completed the enlightening classes of Computer Technology and Financial Literacy.

Even now when I’m writing this, I should be working to complete those classes online on EHS (Electronic High School). To be frank though, I don’t even want to work on them. Before any questions like, “Are they that difficult?” begin to pop up into your head, I shall dispel them immediately. No, they are not even close to being difficult. Rather, they are simply tedious. Tedious. Yes, just like washing the dishes after every meal you eat. Wait, disregard that; you actually accomplish something by doing that.

It may be arguable that classes like Computer Technology, Financial Literacy, Fitness for Life, and similar classes have their uses, but a lot of it is monotonous busy work. I’m willing to give Financial Literacy some leeway since it could very well educate some people who, for whatever reason, believe they’re not the next Steve Jobs with their credit cards.

Computer Technology though, is a completely different case. On EHS, one of the earlier units taught me about the history of computers. That’s fantastic and all, but if I have to learn about that, why aren’t we learning about other major historical technological devices that have impacted society like, you know, the microwave? Please, it’s already bad enough that we have to learn about how to use a computer.

The joy doesn’t stop there though. Then you get to learn about how to use search engines like Google! Goodness, if you have no knowledge of how to use a search engine, I don’t even know how you’ve been making it through high school; Google has been quite the lifeline for me. After all that, EHS oh so graciously teaches us about the wondrous Microsoft Word. There’s nothing really wrong with that, besides the fact that it makes you do all your previous assignments on Word before you even reach the section. With how the course is laid out, it may as well be telling you to try to climb Mountain Everest first, and it’ll teach you later if you didn’t fall and die already. This is just the first quarter. I’ll allow you to imagine what another quarter would be like.

If the curriculum is much better laid out and overall just better in school, then perhaps my beef isn’t so much with the school’s course. However, the EHS course leaves a lot to be desired. Well, I should probably set aside all my distractions and resume my progress to graduation. Oh look, a microwave.


One thought on “Why bother with these classes?

  1. I could not agree more! As a parent, I’ve watched all three of my kids go through these classes, which are outdated and need to be eliminated. One of my sons took several computer programming classes, but was still required to take computer tech.
    My daughter is a competitive gymnast who works out 30+ hours a wee, but is still required to take “fit for life!”

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