Titan Class of 2013

Graduation pic

I pull on the canvas shoulder strap of my backpack and stroll toward my next class.  In the sea of people, I scan for familiar faces and call out to those I know.  Almost mechanically, I maneuver my way through the hallway that, in the old building, reminded me of a sardine can.  Always packed to the brim, it was a daily obstacle course just to get to class on time.  But, after practicing for nearly three years, I seem to have almost mastered the art.  It also helps that the new school hallways are about twice as wide as the old ones.

Suddenly, the crowd breaks and a small sophomore darts through carrying a backpack that must weigh as much as he does, if not more.  I glance around and find myself unintentionally categorizing faces…sophomore, senior, junior.  I stop myself and ask the question:  What sets the class of 2013 apart from the rest?

The class of 2013 may have had the most challenging high school experience.  Not only because of our coursework, college and scholarship applications, and looming AP tests, but the challenge of being involved in many activities, while enduring the construction of the new school, before having our senior year split between two different buildings.  But as Arnold Palmer said, “The most rewarding things in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done.”

Despite unavoidable setbacks, such as sharing a home field for football games with another school, swimming in Granite High School’s pool, and moving school productions up to accommodate construction, the seniors strove to take these challenges in stride.  With each step, we changed these setbacks into successes and we’re thankful for our opportunities to be involved.

To any other class of students, the challenges may have looked “like they [couldn’t] be done.”  But we accepted these daunting tasks.  Without these activities, we would not build the friendships and outstanding characters you see today.  For some, if not most of us, this was our final year to perform or play our designated sport.

We all realize we are set on a course.  We want to achieve in school and get good grades.  We grow up, but we enjoy spending time with our friends and bringing out our inner child.  Yes, in the end our grades and test scores matter, but high school cannot be measured solely by a test score or grade point average.  It is measured in the character we build and the relationships we develop and ultimately the person we become.  And unlike plays, sports, and school, character building does not follow a set game plan or script.

The challenges seem “like they cannot be done.”  But, making lasting friendships, grounding our values and becoming the person we want to be, these are the most rewarding things.  That is what Olympus High School has done for us.  We rose to the challenges and we conquered them.  We will reap the benefits for years to come and never forget the character we have built and the friends we made at Olympus High School.  For the “most rewarding things in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done.”  Good luck Titan class of 2013.  You will do the impossible.


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