Meet the Bloggers

My name is Alexis Isle, I am a writer. I guess that might sound a little full of myself; I mean, to take on the title of “Writer”? Maybe I am silly to say so but I think I am. I currently go to Kearns High School, I am the editor of The Cougar Claw, Kearns High’s school newspaper. I am also the vice president of the KHS writing club. I love writing with all my heart. I can’t think of anything else that would make me happier to be a part of. I mostly write poetry and stories. I am so happy to be a part of this program and to be representing Kearns High School.


Hello, my name is Brittan and I am a Senior at Olympus High School. I love expressing myself in various artistic ways, from writing a short story to a good old charcoal sketch! You would most likely be able to find me at a local coffee shop nose deep in a book or mixing together my latest music obsessions. I hope to attend the University of Vermont, as for a degree, I have many interests and the process of choosing one is harder than I had thought!


Hello, my name is Dave, although I prefer to go by the name Davie. 😛 If anything, you’ll probably find out first that I’m an “otaku.” By that, I mean I’m addicted to anime and manga. I like to read, write, and draw too. In addition, I’m a Christian and attend the SLC Chinese Christian Church. Other things I like a ton are TCGs(trading card games), basketball, music, and gaming to a small degree. xD Lastly, if you didn’t already find out, I tend to use emoticons frequently. xP


Hi! My name is Indigo Cook. I am senior class president for Skyline High School, the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, the Horizon, and I love anything and everything to do with Skyline. I also love percussion, modern dance, reading, camping and hiking, all music (expect country), Disney princesses, and tea. I am so excited for senior year, and am thrilled to share it with all of you.


Kevin – I am an admirer of people and their pursuits; thus, I am invested in my work as a journalist and reflective writer.  Hopefully others will find my writing useful in some way.  I seek to inform, offer insight to, and even entertain people.  My efforts as a writer should serve my community.


Hi!  My name is Madi. I am a senior at Skyline High School. In my free time I play lacrosse, listen to music and troll the internet for funny memes and cute cat videos. I love reading everything from graphic novels to scientific journals to shampoo bottles. People most often notice my sweet dance moves and constantly changing hair color.


Melissa King attends Olympus High School where she is the Head Yearbook Editor and a member of Vocal Ensemble.  She enjoys writing, singing, dancing, swimming, biking, and playing the piano.  She loves spending time in the mountains with her family.


Sarah is a Senior at Olympus High and a proud Titan. She is the Captain of her school’s Debate Team and Vice President of the Theatre Club. Once rehearsals are out and her case has been memorized, she loves hiking, backpacking, volunteering, cooking, reading, and watching Doctor Who.  After graduation, Sarah wishes to attend either USU or BYU to pursue a degree in business or education.


One thought on “Meet the Bloggers

  1. YOOOOOO!!!!!!
    I would like to be informed on what exactly this page is.. I stumbled upon this after googling “Olympus HIgh School” and now I’m seeing many familiar faces including Davie and Indigo!!
    -Chandler B.

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